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Kat Lund – Senior Stylist

Kat is a licensed barber and has been passionate about men’s grooming since the beginning of her 23 year career. As a haircutting educator for 15 years she has mentored several very successful stylists. She was awarded Austin Chronicle’s “Best Stylist” award during her 10 year stint at one of Austin’s top salons. In addition, she has created and implemented multi-department spa training program curriculums. Extremely high quality services are a true passion of hers.

CJ Schimmels – Senior Stylist

CJ Schimmels is a licensed cosmetologist and has worked for many upscale salons & spas. In the last 5 of her 20 year career, she has dedicated her focus on Men’s Grooming, including owning an award winning Madmen Style Barbershop. She has serviced several local newscaster and celebrity clients as well as being a trained platform artist and mentor.

The Nines is proud to offer our technicians quarterly grooming, massage and quality control workshops.

Trish Perryman – Senior Stylist

Trish Perryman Is a licensed professional stylist with years of experience in men’s hair and skin care. She has been a licensed cosmetologist since 1991 and began specializing in men’s grooming in 1999. Trish’s passion and visionary approach to styling men’s hair stems from her insider’s view into her client’s lives and understanding their needs. She offers the very best in men’s grooming in the private and masculine environment men desire while offering an exceptional caliber of services  She has managed several high profile men’s salons in her successful career as well as owning her own business for six years. Trish brings a unique approach to men’s grooming and is a is known for giving clients that confident, polished, look. Her work in various arenas of men’s grooming has earned Trish her reputation as the stylist of choice for many of Austin’s most influential men, and the go-to authority on men’s grooming services

Anne Morales

Anne Morales has been in the massage realm since 1997. She prides herself on her ability to care and listen to the needs of her clients. With her nurturing touch and years of palpation skills she had hundreds of satisfied customers in this time frame. She began her career working under several physical therapists learning and focusing on therapies for special populations and the injured. In 2000, Anne transitioned into the private sector launching her own practice in New Orleans. Her business was located in New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club, the oldest tennis club in the U.S.

     Anne studied a vast majority of modalities but most commonly specializes in deep tissue for athletes and clients with a variety of soft tissue injuries. As a result of Katrina in 2005, Anne relocated to Austin and fell in love with it. It was then she made a difficult decision to leave her very successful practice and wonderfully loyal client base and get licensed in Texas. She has grown to be known among Austin’s busy professionals for her amazing ability to help with whatever issues they may have and her “de-stressing” abilities.

To Schedule, Call Anne at: 504-616-3502

Mari Byrd

Mari is a licensed massage therapist, she has been a practitioner since 2008 and has developed a passion for Thai massage since the beginning of her massage career. She studied for an entire year with her first Thai massage teacher in Dallas, and then set out on her first journey to Thailand in 2009. There she spent two months in Chaing Mai with her Guru, master teacher of Thai massage, Pichest Boonthumme. He is a highly regarded and well know teacher in all of north Thailand. With his teachings, and her passion, it took her beyond the physical technique, and delved deeper into the intuition and feeling of the body. With this she feels capable of bringing a more unique and individualized session with each client, rather than a same carbon copy experience. After her three years of taking these skills back to America, she decided she was ready for another adventure to Thailand, and came back to Chaing Mai in 2012 for another couple months of dedication with her teacher. Beyond Thai massage, Mari is highly skilled in other modalities of massage, including deep tissue, Ashiatsu, Thai reflexology and several other techniques.

To Schedule, Call Mari at: 214-704-7916

Dani Miller

Dani Miller has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2007.  From the beginning of her career she knew that men’s grooming would be her specialty. Her goal is to empower people by making them look and feel their very best.  She takes pride in every service she provides and ensures that every guest is comfortable, confident, and happy when they leave her chair. She believes that magic happens when the human connection begins.

Lauren Gaines

Cutting hair is only part of my job at The Nines. Additionally, styling and product knowledge are key in maintaining your look through to your next appointment. Understanding my clients’ personality and lifestyle helps me create their best look!

I’ve been cutting hair since 2008 and cutting legally since 2013! I live, breathe, and dream about hair! I’ve become a platform artist and an educator for Esquire Men’s Grooming Line and travel from time to time. I want to spread my knowledge and passion for this craft! I feel like that is why we do what we do!

I’m always striving to better my skills and am always looking to further my knowledge! I pride myself in having exceptional customer service and attention to detail!

I love the combination of art and science and there is always more to learn!!!